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Association Franco - Britannique

25 rue Georges Clemenceau
85540 Moutiers les Mauxfaits


Murder Mystery Night

No less than 73 people (members and numerous guests) gathered on Saturday evening November 17th at Champ Saint Père salle, to solve the murder of Max LITER. The evening began with various guests at the château gathered to enjoy a wine tasting, when Max (owner of the château) is found drowned in a tank in the cellar.

8 French-English actors were potentially suspicious, from the wife to the mistress, including the banker, the lover, etc....... who killed Max? Each actor tried to convince the audience of his innocence.
An excellent meal was enjoyed while the audience tried to work out ‘who dunnit’.

Thanks to the organizing team and especially to Jenny and John who really did a great job in the kitchen.

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