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Ramble, picnic and visit to the Mill à Elise at Poiré sur Vie

Organized by Bernadette and Hilaire Tourancheau.

There were 32 members of the AFB who took part in the day. We were welcomed at the start of the walk, on the recreation area, by a lovely couple of Genôts (inhabitants of Poiré), Bernard and Françoise, friends of our organisers. They provided us coffee and some excellent homemade Florentine biscuits.

The 6km walk, led by Bernard, took place along the shady paths of the small River Ruth. Thanks to Bernard's knowledge we were able to discover the church, the grotto, the cross and the town center with its mural "The Bridegrooms" by Raphaël Toussaint.

Back on the recreation area, we shared an aperitif provided by the AFB and took our picnic in the shade of some large trees where we had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch together.

In the afternoon, we had a guided tour of the Mill à Elise. Mill volunteers explained the how the mill used to operate and gave us a practical demonstration. Some of us even left with a kilo of flour!

We had a great day; thank you Bernadette and Hilaire.

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