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Association Franco - Britannique

25 rue Georges Clemenceau
85540 Moutiers les Mauxfaits


Summer barbecue, 2022 edition

Despite a temperature of 36°C , about fifty of us sheltered under the tall trees of La Nanté.
Fortunately, a breath of air, although hot, was very welcome and helped to cool us down.
The most deserving were our 2 cooks in front of their barbecue, braving in addition to the burning sun, the heat of the hot grills. Henri and Chris, each wearing an apron with their respective flags, one Italian, one English, grilled 5 kg of sardines and 15 kg of various meats!
A profusion of delicious starters and desserts made by our members were shared and very much appreciated.
We all enjoyed this friendly exchange and we thank William for organising it.

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