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Artisanal brewery visit and lunch 22 october 2022

On Saturday 22 October 33 members of the AFB combined a visit to the Smeele Brewery in Lucon with an association lunch. We began at 11AM in north west Lucon at the small artisanal brewery where we were met by Jochem Sprong, owner and brewer, who had just a few years ago set up his business. Jochem gave us a brief history himself and what had brought him to start his brewery here in the Vendee and then gave us a fascinating explanation of the beer making process.

What then followed was the beer tasting of the various products of the Smeele brewery which proved very popular. Run along similar lines as a traditional wine tasting we tried four very different beers. There was even the opportunity to taste a home brewed ginger beer for those who were driving.

After a fascinating and enjoyable couple of hours the group then moved on to the L’Atelier Restaurant and sat down to a beautifully presented and tasty lunch provided by the busy and attentive staff. There was then a noisy and very convivial 2 hours spent exchanging views on everything from beer to politics with what can only be described as the French and English languages in total harmony! Our thanks go to an immensely knowledgeable and friendly host Jochem and to our own team of Arlette Graby, Helen Lewer and not forgetting our Treasurer Bernadette Tourancheau who paid for it all!

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