Cookie policy

1. Purpose and scope

You are informed that, during your visits to our website or any other digital space that we make available to you, cookies may be installed on your equipment.
As such, this policy aims to communicate to you the essential elements relating to the way in which we use these cookies, the objectives that we pursue in the context of their use and to inform you of the rights which are yours in this matter. .
This policy complies with the requirements of the law known as “information technology and freedoms” of June 20, 2018 as modified by the GDPR with regard to the use of cookies.
This policy is applicable solely because of its publication on our website and does not replace the personal data protection policy, accessible here .

2. What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file recorded and/or read by your browser on the hard drive of your terminal when you visit a website or any other digital space. These cookies store information and identify the device you are using.
They are used in different environments: website, email, download of software or mobile application, etc.

3. Purposes

The cookies used by the community are used for the purpose of analyzing attendance and use of the site.
When you browse our website, storing and reading cookies makes it possible to analyze your browsing and measure the audience of our website.
You can manage the cookies used on the site by configuring your browser, as detailed in point 8.
Type of cookies placed:

4. Data collected

Cookies allow us to collect certain personal data about you, such as in particular and not systematically the IP address, the user ID and session ID, the user’s language of use and geolocation data. .

5. Data recipients

Access to the data we collect using cookies is limited, both for internal and external recipients:

  • internally, they are only accessible to authorized services as necessary;
  • externally, they are only accessible to our technical service providers.

6. The duration of the conversation

We comply with the requirements set by the CNIL regarding data retention periods. As such, we do not exceed a retention period of 13 months from the installation of said cookies.

7. Consent

The cookies used by the community are used for the purpose of analyzing attendance and use of the site. Your consent is therefore not required.
However, you can manage the cookies used on the site by configuring your browser, as detailed below.

8. Cookie settings

While it is true that most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies, they also allow you to refuse them entirely or select which ones you wish to keep.
We inform you that configuring your browser to refuse or restrict the use of cookies may have significant consequences in limiting or restricting access to a service, page or content or even altering the user experience.
It is impossible for us to be more exhaustive on the consequences of deactivating cookies because everything depends on the type of cookies deactivated and the type of deactivation chosen.

9. Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies may be placed by partners or advertising agencies in order to identify your interests through the products or services that you consult on our digital environments.
We do not control these cookies, placed by third parties who act on their behalf: to find out more, we invite you to read their own cookies policy.
In any case, we reserve the right to carry out audits with these third parties to verify the correct application of the provisions applicable to third party cookies, without this constituting for us either an obligation or a transfer of responsibility. at our expense.

10. Contact us

If you have any questions about this cookies policy, do not hesitate to contact the afb. For any more
general information relating to the protection of personal data, you can consult the CNIL website

11. Revision

In the event of regulatory changes or recommendations from the CNIL, we reserve the right to modify this policy. Any new policy is notified to you before it comes into force.