Frequently asked questions

Who can join the association?
Anyone with an interest in sharing French and British culture.

Do I have to live in Moutiers to join?
No. We have members from several other areas of the Vendée. However most of our meetings and events take place in Moutiers and Champ Saint Père.

Do  I have to live in France all the year round to join?
No. We have many members who only spend part of their year here.

Do I have to be British or French to join the association?
No, but our events are in French and English.

How do I join the association?
Simply complete the application form here and return it with your payment.

How much does it cost to join the association?
You can find our membership rates here and very reasonable they are!

Can I attend events as a non-member?
Yes, though it will cost you more and if you intend to attend many events it makes sense to become a member.

Can the association offer advice on settling in France?
This is not the purpose of the Association.

Can the association help me deal with French officialdom and forms?
No. If you do not feel confident in this area we advise you to seek professional assistance.

Does the association organise language courses?