Association Franco-Britannique

du Pays Moutierrois et de sa région


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Association Franco - Britannique

25 rue Georges Clemenceau
85540 Moutiers les Mauxfaits


Evening Events


Ten Pin & Tapas

More than 30 members got together at Lucon on Sunday 12th March for an early evening 10 pin bowling session followed by some copious Tapas selections.

On each lane teams of 8 players tried to out-score each other as well as checking on the adjacent lane scores from time to time. Much applause and cheering followed “strikes” and “spares” as pins were swept aside and some sympathetic encouragement where bowling balls trundled down the gutter leaving pins untouched.

Just as on the previous occasion, despite the player’s best endeavours, the Tapas won and players left the table with the food still in the lead.

bowling 2017 afb

Quiz night

Quiz nights are usually very popular. The questions are designed to reflect both French and British culture, and teams are assigned with a mixture of French and English speakers. We start with an aperitif. After a few rounds of questions we have something to eat, and after a few more rounds a dessert and finally coffee.

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Festive evening

Celebration of the Battle of Hastings

Normans’ and ‘Saxons’ battled to win a prize in the quizzes about the Battle of Hastings and early medieval period.
65 members and guests enjoyed an anglo-norman evening and a meal prepared by the staff of La Tourterelle in Lairoux.
Norman and Saxon costumes were worn by many participants and prizes for the best female and male costume were won by Angèle Brunet and Pierre Moreau.
The idea for the event was developed by John Hales who led the organising team in providing a very successful and fun evening.

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