Association Franco-Britannique

du Pays Moutierrois et de sa région


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Association Franco - Britannique

25 rue Georges Clemenceau
85540 Moutiers les Mauxfaits



Several excursions are organised during the year.

There was the opportunity to discover the local countryside such as the lake at Chateau Guibert, the banks of the River lay , the salt marshes and Veillon beach

These tours always end in a very convivial manner, with an aperitif followed by a restaurant or a picnic depending on the season.

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Restaurant + ramble

Despite light rain the night before the ramble, around 30 members met in the parking at the restaurant L’Aubraie to commence a very pleasant 7 kms walk alongside the river Lay. At one point a cow decided to lead the group!

There were plenty of juicy blackberries to pick and eat on the way.

The walk concluded with a convivial lunch at L’Aubraie where members were joined by Marcel Gauducheau (Mayor of Champ St Père) and his wife.

Thanks to Bernadette and Hilaire Tourancheau for introducing members to another interesting walk.

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